• my planning profile exceptionally diverse, I deal with the planning of family houses primarily. My little team, which 15 year are works, in 2008   went through the planning of the thousandth flat as a success. The apartment houses and flats planned by me all recovered almost, more thousand satisfied men live today in them. Mostly onto Veresegyház and the surrounding settlement I planned it, but I have buildings in all of the country, indeed abroad.

My aim in the planning it, that the buildings of stable value representing the serious value fitting harmonically into his environment plan, which ones they are equal to the technical and aesthetic expectations of the age, I try to reconcile the customer's aims continuously at the same time and his opportunities. My basic principle it, that house with given greatness a vein, represents a bigger value much more, prepared with thorough cautious planning and an aesthetic surplus value.

In the process of the planning following the first talk, where the intentions, claims and the building land become clearer after his inspection, sketch – sketches prepare. The idea clears up on additional discussions. A negotiation happens to the competent building authority according to need. The definitive licensing plan is ready the drawn and written documentation, for which a measure prescribes his content, I start the official procedure of the permission generally; I have the necessary documents obtained- according to an agreement.

  • I shorten the licensing process with an administrative procedure expert qualification, even, of course following a preliminary thorough preparation. I continue conciliatory negotiations beforehand with the competent special authorities, in the interest of the favourable and fast report.


  • the making of architectural planning, licensing, export plans, studies, spectacle designs
  • the making of building energetic calculations, an energetic certificate, a green card onto buildings.
  • preliminary negotiations with the special authorities in connection with licensing procedures
  • the expert deduction of an administrative procedure, in complicated licensing processes
  • the completion of competition plans, efficiency calculations, energetic modernisations
  • the valuation of real estates private persons, for financial institutions, banks, local governments
  • the making of statics plans with an expert's withdrawal • an implementation process responsible technical leadership
  • the making of implementation expense estimates


  • apartment houses from a modest little flat to a luxury residency
  • industrial buildings, workshops, offices
  • operating kitchens, confectioner producer firms, bake houses
  • school, kindergarten, the home of aged ones
  • mortuary
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